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Portable Steam Iron | Easy and Fast Ironing Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover

Portable Steam Iron | Easy and Fast Ironing Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover

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Easy and Fast Ironing
Gone are the days of taking out the iron, waiting for the iron to heat up, and spending a lot of time removing wrinkles on your clothes. It is not a dream to remove wrinkles from clothes in a few minutes without having to pack heavy iron. The "Portable Steam Iron" is an effective tool for busy housewives, housekeepers, students, and businessmen. Suitable for families, hotels, dormitories, and outdoor travel......
Do Not Damage Clothes
Damage from excessive heat can burn fabric or leave unsightly permanent marks on the cloth. The heat from a regular iron is too harsh for fabrics like silk (or silk blends) and can leave marks if you're not careful. For delicate clothing maintenance, our steam iron takes the wrinkles out of the cloth without making contact with the fabric as a regular iron does.

The power supply can produce continuous, high temperature, and high-pressure steam in two minutes. It is very suitable for household cleaning and ironing clothes.

High-temperature strong steam can easily iron clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc., in particular, the need for vertical ironing clothes (such as suits, etc.), more suitable for ironing with this product, the product is equipped with an ironing brush, in addition to ironing, but also sterilization of clothes and removal of odors. 
High temperature and strong steam can kill a variety of harmful bacteria quickly and ensure the cleanliness of the household.
High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt, and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products. The product is also equipped with a brush, window brush head, in the ejection of high-temperature steam at the same time, can scrub the surface of objects, clean simple and quick, the effect is remarkable.

Water Tank Separation
Easy dismantling and water adding, is a reduced version of vertical hanging steamer machine, which is very popular in the market.

Material: ABS, PC, electric heating module.
Power Length: 1.8 meters.
Voltage: 110V-240V (US plug)
Product Power: 1500W/50-60Hz
Water Tank Capacity: 250ml
Heating Mode: Electric heating type.
Scope of Use: Ironing of clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, neckties, etc.
Product Functions: Ironing, humidifying, disinfecting, and sterilizing
Product Weight: 800g
Packages: 1 x  Iron, 1 x Long Hair Brush Head, 1 x Clips head, 1 x Manual

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