Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop
Hair Straightener Comb - Lasercutwraps Shop

Hair Straightener Comb

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  • Combines straightening iron and a comb
  • The ring with 3D heating teeth
  • Auto off function
  • 5 heat settings for different hair types
  • Product accessories including a bag 2 clips and a heatproof glove

Binding: Health and Beauty



ãââââ€?Hair Straightner - Dream Hair & Life Revolutionãââââ€?Is it true that your hair each morning seems more like a fantasy than a reality? Now, Think again! All you need to achieve the red carpet worthy look is hair straightner comb! Turn on, wait for 60s, run a few passes , you are all set! Say goodbye to hush and rush, get rid of frizz and split ends, walk out of the door with natural straight hair. That fast and simple!

【Travel Friendlyãââââ€?Always on the road or flying all over the world? This is the one for you! No switch needed, plug will automatically adjust to the different voltage (110-240v) . A free carrying bag also comes with the brush

【Probably The Best Looking Hair Comb Straightnerãââââ€?Dedicated to present the straightner brush that infuse ergonomic and aesthetic design, spent years researching the golden ratio, the perfect color mix and the best material. It’s time to let it help you shine!

ãââââ€? Heat Settings Catering to Specific Needsãââââ€?We are well ware that not all hair is the same. So what works on frizzy, curly hair might be disastrous for fine hair.With our straightening comb, this is NOT a problem.It has 5 temperature regimes (266âââââ‚? 410âââââ‚?, which are easily selectable and can be adjusted to meet individual needs. 1.266âââââ‚?- Soft and thin 2.302âââââ‚?- Thin, fine or bleached 3.338âââââ‚?- Dyed or dark colored 4.374âââââ‚?- Normal or slightly curly 5.410âââââ‚?- Thick, curly and wavy 

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 4.4 x 2.3 inches


provides you better results (shiny, healthy, silky hair) with more volume.


âââââ€?span> Smoothes your hair in record time. 
âââââ€?Nano Titanium-coated bristles provide ideal tension to smooth and add shine for all hair types
•Ã?/span>Straighten hair without losing volume
âââââ€?Fast heat up
•Ã?/span>Ion generator to smooth and remove frizz



Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Even though the reviews are mostly positive, I was skeptical with buying it. TBH I'm skeptical w/anything that consists of spending any amount of my money. I'm so glad that I found it. I ordered it on 5/3. It arrived on 5/6 & I just used it for the 1st time today 5/10. As you can see, it really does straighten. Now, I don't have the thickest of hair, but it literally straightened it as if I relaxed it & im not sure if it worked well b/c of my hair being on the more thin side. It's lightweight & easy to hold & it came packaged really nice. The few things I dont like is that while holding it to process through my hand kept pressing the buttons on the handle causing it to either turn off or down in temp. Also that it doesn't tell you the actual temp. You pretty much have to figure out what works best for your hair. I'm not sure what my hair type is, but b/c its finner, I used the temp on the 3-4 blue light & I also like that the sides of the "brush" don't get hot. I cant wait to use this on my daughters head b/c her hair is actually thick. I'd definitely recommend.

Erica C.

I am so happy about this comb. I have natural VERY kinky coily hair. If I went to a salon, I would risk "paying" for heat damage from a stylist who is blasting my hair with temperatures I don't even cook with! The hottest this comb will go is 410 degrees...which is perfect - since anything above that is risky. I only needed to do one pass when using small pre-detangled sections. I used a hot brush to "blow-out" my hair at a very low temperature. Then I used this comb to straighten. I love the results so much better than the flat iron, since it feels like the flat iron is cooking the hair, sometimes makes it feel crunchy, and multiple passes are often needed. With this comb, no flat iron comb/brush chase method is needed. The hair is very soft, light, and straight. I will share this product with everyone I know.Tips:1. Just use small sections. I divided my hair into 4 quadrants and within each quadrant, parted a small section of hair. That will prevent pulling, "detangling", and breakage with the hot comb. If unsure the hair is fully detangled, use a Denman brush on that small section just before you use the hot comb.2. Blow dry your hair prior to using the comb for the DIY silk press, as it will detangle and prep the hair for a smoother longer lasting finish.3. Use a VERY light heat protectant to coat the hair. Too much protectant creates sticky and greasy hair. It also gives people a false sense of protection, as they think the more protectant they use, the more heat they can apply. We can still get heat damage with heat protectant. If we use less, we are more aware of how much heat we are applying (as per a Cosmetologist Instructor). This will also minimize the grime and soot that can accumulate in the comb.4. Hair should NOT be wet or damp. This is where "smoking" and "cooking" occur. If using a water-based heat protectant, let the hair dry a bit before applying the comb.5. Pass through that small section at a slower pace - but not too slow. One slow pass is better than 5 fast passes.

Kerston Britton

I have 4c very very thick natural hair. I don't take very good care of it either. I wanted to try this because I keep seeing it on feed. I am truly amazed and happy with the results. My hair is soft , shiny and bone silky straight. I feel like I went to a salon. The only con about this product is the glove and temperature control. I did not know if I was on the correct temp for my hair... but it worked. I have huge hands. This glove may not make it. OVERALL A GREAT BUY...SO WORTH THE MONEY!


I am 9 months pregnant with my first baby and previously it would take me 30-40 mins with a flat iron to straighten my hair. Even after all that, I would still have waves. I was looking for a tool to streamline the straightening process. I found it. This is seriously amazing. I donn't recommend using this on wet hair. I let my hair air dry for a while ( I have dense, wavy to curly hair ) and then blow dry for a minute or two before using this tool. I swear, the straightening process takes MAYBE ten minutes. And I have long hair. Well over a foot long at this point. After combing through each section of hair, I put a bit of finishing oil throughout and my hair will stay straight until my next wash. In've never experienced anything like it. I do spray heat protector on first just to be safe. I bought this product a few weeks agoAnd have used it three times. No need for touch ups. In in love.


Just got this one three days ago this is the first time I use it I was quite surprised how easy and quick I straight my hair. First time I ever I donn't use my flat iron to fix little things. Our overall like it a lot But I will recommend not use a blow dryer after showerDonn't put your hair into a lot a heat. (Let it dry by itself) This product does generate lots of heat. And you cann't use heat protection Spray for your hair. Because it will eventually will Damage the product it seems like is hard to clean. It doesnn't come with any cleaning tools. Please glove 🧤 that comes with it. You will get Burn if you donn't. My hair was really hot to the touch. I would not recommend to use it every day. Is n'PERFECTn'?for an event but no every day use it will demage your hair and quick

Victoria L.

I love that this tool feels professional and expensive even though it is only $50. It comes with a nice carrying bag and heat glove. I have issues going from my air-dried curly and wavy hair to straight. Usually I have to blow dry it first and then straighten. I literally just let my lion's mane dry naturally and I got it straight in one easy pass = mind blown. Even the area by my scalp got nice and straight, which is usually what is hard to get for me with just a straightener. It is a miracle for this busy mom of three!!!

Jennifer D

This straightener is insane! I could never get this kind of results on my daughter's hair with a flat iron. She has a lot of hair so it took me about an hour and half. Since this was my first time using it, I took my time and did it carefully. It normally takes me 4 hours to straighten her hair with a flat iron. It's very easy to use. I held on to the bottom of each section while running the comb through to add tension to the hair. Yes, it does tug out some hair with the process but it's a comb. Anytime you you use a comb or brush through your hair, hair strands will come out. I absolutely love this product!! For reference, my daughter is 50% Black, 25% Filipino, 25% White. She has multi textured hair.

Dana Seman

I have thick, wavy hair and I HATE straightening my hair because it takes too long, I can never get the wave out of certain parts of my hair, and I get hot doing it. I absolutely loveeeee this brush. I just tried it before going to bed as a test, and I am about to buy two more; one for my best friend and one for my sister in law. This took less than ten minutes, from it heating up to the finished product.

Lucinda Noel

1st of all this product is amazing! 1st of all, my package came with the straightener, 2 hair clips, a glove, a pouch to hold it in and a detangler brush. The detangler brush alone was great. So I used this on my daughter's hair not to make bone straight but just to see how this product works and we were all stunned! She said it did not burn despite the smoke coming out of it. My husband didn't believe me so I told him to touch the bristles and he did lol!! He was like "wow!" It took me 8 minutes to do one side with just 2 passings (again was not trying to make it bone straight). Plus there was a shine to it as well. Her was just washed so there was no oils in it. I'm impressed 1000%!

Just a Person

Very easy to use! Prefer this over a straightener! Super easy to use!Wavy/curly hair to sleek and straight!